The Best Methods for Controlling and Preventing Roaches

Cockroaches are the last thing anyone wants to see in their homes. These filthy creatures are quite harmful to your health. It can contaminate your food, leave foul odors, destroy paper & fabric, transmit diseases, and even cause allergies.

It’s very important to implement necessary steps to minimize the risk of roach infestation.

To help you with it, we’ve scoured the market for the best solution and have come up with these effective measures to control and prevent roach infestation.

Managing & Preventing Roach Infestation

As roaches are nocturnal creatures, they love dark, moist, warm hiding places in crevices, cracks, or corners that are hard to reach. Therefore, the first step for eliminating an infestation is to remove their food sources as well as their hiding places.

With a persistent strategy, a little bit of detective work, and preventive steps, you can create an unpleasant environment for roaches to live, thereby managing existing roach infestations and also preventing future occurrence.

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Here are some roach control measures that are quite effective in killing existing roaches, disrupting their life cycle, and even eliminating the entire colony if you implement these methods together.


Search for roach hiding spots in dark, warm, tight areas near water and food by using a mirror and flashlight. If you suspect any area to be their habitat, you can use traps to confirm it. These traps will help you to locate their habitat and find out if there’s an infestation.

Place the sticky traps near the floor and wall seams, and in high-traffic roach spots. Carefully examine unused furniture and large appliances for roach eggs and destroy them.

Eliminate habitat & prevent entry:

By removing their entry points and hiding places you can drive roaches away and even prevent potential infestation. Inside the house, eliminate moisture and any dark places by increasing ventilation, repair water leaks, & seal cracks in dark areas like wall cracks or cupboards with caulk.

Weather-seal openings or gaps around your windows and doors and eliminate any clutter at home, especially piles of newspaper, magazines, rags or cardboard. For outside the home, make sure you remove trash and stacks of wood to reduce potential moist habitats. Also, remember to trim branches and shrubs to increase ventilation and light.

Roach Control Insecticides:

There are several roach control products out there, which include aerosol spray, gel, granule, and bait formulations. When using these products, always remember to take precautions to minimize environmental, pet, and human exposure. The following details will help you in understanding the risks associated with each product.

Aerosol Foggers or Sprays:

It’s not recommended to use aerosol foggers or sprays because of the high chance of harmful exposure when using it. It leaves residues of the pesticide in the home environment, which is very dangerous if you own gas appliances. Outdoor sprays will also drift away and pose serious risks to non-target creatures like bees and other beneficial insects.

Gels and baits:

Baits are available in the form of liquids, granules, or solid blocks. Such products are effective but when using it, place it away from animals, and children. As for gels, use it in crevices and cracks, behind or under closet, sinks, cabinets, or appliances.

Cockroach control baits use different active ingredients. If you only use a single pesticide, the cockroaches will become immune to it and will not be effective anymore. To avoid this, purchase different products with distinct active ingredients.

Use a separate product every time as it’ll help in controlling resistant roaches effectively.

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